Brigitta Mullican Runs for Rockville City Council

Brigitta Mullican, a former Rockville Planning Commissioner and member of the Board of Supervisors of Elections, announced her candidacy for the Rockville City Council with a pledge to improve Rockville’s working relationship with both the county and state governments. “My service in numerous Rockville organizations sets me apart from other candidates who are applying for the vacant Councilmember’s position” she noted.

A retired budget officer at the US Department of Health and Human Services, Mullican has held numerous community positions, including treasurer of the Montgomery County League of Women Voters, Election Judge for the City of Rockville, and Chief Election Judge for Montgomery County, vice president and secretary of the Twinbrook Neighborhood Association and member of the Richard Montgomery High School PTA and Booster Club.  A founder of the Rockville Sister City Corporation, she long served as both its President and Vice President.

In her extensive community service, Mullican has worked with mayors and councils as well as city clerks and managers. To provide better representation throughout the city, Mullican would like to see the city council increased from its present five members to seven.

Educated at Richard Montgomery High School and Montgomery College, she holds a management degree from the University of Maryland. Expressing disappointment with the on-going school boundary issue, Mullican cites a need for more and better classroom facilities noting that “the county increased our property tax by 8.7% but the achievement level is going down.  How many more years must our schools use portable classrooms?”

Mullican says Rockville can and should promote business but is concerned that the $400,000 grant approved for the Dawson Market Grocery Store was unfair to other Town Center businesses that failed and gives a wrong impression of “selective bailouts.”

While serving as Chair of the Rockville Planning Commission (RPC), Mullican led the fight for business owners in the Stonestreet Industrial area to be included in East Rockville Neighborhood Master Plan meetings. The Commission approved the Master Plan only after they were made part of the review process.  That same year the RPC approved a Comprehensive City Master Plan.

Mullican agrees that traffic congestion is a major problem and supports Governor Hogan’s transportation plan.  She regrets that there has been so much misinformation concerning the plan.