Reason No. 5: Because sanctuary cities facilitate and encourage illegal immigration, they are unfair to legal immigrants, who waited in line, followed the rules and showed respect for the law.

Reason No. 4: Sanctuary cities impose costs on their residents — citizens and legal immigrants — that they shouldn’t have to bear. Tax dollars that ought properly to benefit the people who paid them go instead to underwrite hospital, police, prison and education services for those who are not entitled to be here in the first place.

Reason No. 3: Sanctuary cities promote crime and thus jeopardize our citizens. The Los Angeles Times recently reported on a mind-boggling 2005 study by the Government Accountability Office. The study examined the cases of over 55,000 illegal immigrants incarcerated in federal, state and local facilities. It found that they had been previously arrested an average of eight times each, that roughly half had been convicted of a felony, and a fifth had been arrested for a drug offense. Many had also been convicted of violent crimes.

Our citizens and legal immigrants deserve better than that — a good deal better. The paramount civil right is the right to live in one’s own neighborhood and community in peace and safety. Why do liberal organizations like the ACLU turn their back on that right to carry water for lawbreakers?

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Rockville Preparing for Vote-By-Mail Election

City will be first in Maryland to adopt the practice



| Published: 2019-08-07 14:00

Rockville city officials are preparing for the city’s first municipal election in which voters mail their ballots, with the goal of increasing voter participation. The election, which includes mayor and city council races, will be held Nov. 5.

The city council approved the practice in April 2018, joining 22 states that allow voting by mail. The Washington Post reported at the time that Rockville would be the first city in Maryland to do so.

Under the system, registered voters who live within the city limits of Rockville will be mailed ballots in early October. Voters can fill out ballots and mail them back or deliver them to City Hall.

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Not Home for Rockville's 2019 Election? Here's What to Do (and Some Important Dates)

The City of Rockville will conduct a Vote by Mail election for mayor and four councilmembers this fall. Here are some important election dates:

  • Friday, Sept. 6: Deadline to file as a candidate.
  • Friday, Sept. 20: Deadline to register to vote. Deadline for the city to receive alternative address ballot delivery requests. Find more information below.
  • Sunday, Oct. 6-Saturday, Oct. 12: Ballots mailed to registered voters. If you will not be at the address the city has on record when ballots are mailed, you may provide an alternative address to which the ballot can be mailed. To apply for alternative address delivery, go to or call 240-314-8286. Alternative address delivery requests must be received by Sept. 20.
  • Tuesday, Nov. 5: Voters must return filled-out ballots to City Hall, 111 Maryland Ave., by 8 p.m., either by postage-paid mail, at a secure dropbox or in person on Nov. 5 at City Hall.

Kickoff Speech

Good afternoon. My name is Brigitta Mullican.  I want to thank you for joining me today. I am a Rockville City Council candidate and an independent voice for you, the citizens of Rockville. I am NOT running as part of a slate and am not beholden or answerable to anyone but YOU! 

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Brigitta Mullican Campaige Kickoff

Campaign Kickoff on Jul. 14, 2019


Interview with Local Asian Community