Brigitta Mullican has lived in Rockville for 50 years. She loves the city and she loves its people. She wants Rockville and its citizens to have the best possible future.

Brigitta's Goals

  • Bring responsive and responsible leadership to City Hall
  • Match fiscal activity with strong responsibility
  • Reduce property taxes to make living in Rockville more affordable
  • Build a safe and clean Rockville

Brigitta's Priorities

  • Reduce the City of Rockville Property Tax Rate
  • Require strong internal financial controls for each city department
  • Deliver quality City services to all citizens at a fair cost
  • Build safe neighborhoods and safe streets.
  • Promote open and green space to help increase the quality of life for Rockville residents
  • Balance residential and commercial development for a livable Rockville
  • Build a cooperative relationship with Montgomery County and the State of Maryland to ensure Rockville's roads and schools are properly maintained.