Why I am running for City Council?

Why I am running for City Council?

Brigitta Mullican (September 2019)


I am Brigitta Mullican and I am running for Rockville City Council because I have a solid Rockville Citizen’s background and the experience to represent all Rockville citizens in a fair manner. I want to continue to make Rockville a great place to raise a family and to set down the kind of long-term roots that I have.


I have lived in Rockville my entire adult life, raised my daughter in Rockville and been involved in my local community, schools, church and city government for 40-plus years.

My goals are to:

  1. Make sure the City of Rockville is fiscally responsible and good communications are made for significant budget commitments.
  2. Treat all Rockville neighborhoods equally.
  3. Give clear guidance policy guidance to the City Manager.
  4. Get businesses and neighborhoods involved in cleaning up all Rockville properties.  It will keep the property values high and make all of us proud to live in a clean and invigorated city.

I have:

  1. The qualifications and credentials needed to represent all citizens of Rockville.
  2. The understanding of the many and varied decisions that impact our daily lives and certainly our property values.
  3. A reputation of working diligently and tenaciously on any assignment I am given.
  4. Proven my persistence in all voluntary and assigned positions.
  5. A true appreciation for citizens’ concerns and recommendations.

I am running for Council to continue serving the City, and to fairly and independently represent all citizens in decisions that affect their city tax dollars.


I was born in Coburg, Germany and my parents immigrated to American when I was seven years old. We moved to Rockville when I was in Richard Montgomery High School. In my senior year, I became a US citizen in the Rockville Red Brick Court House. It was my proudest occasion. I later attended Montgomery College and received my Bachelor of Science degree in management from the University of Maryland University College.


My city involvement began in 1982 when I was appointed to the Rockville Sister City Task Force. The task force formed the non-profit Rockville Sister City Corporation as a way of eliminating Rockville’s annual sister city grant. I became the first Rockville Sister City Corporation President in 1987 and was elected three more times to the position.


I was appointed to the Rockville Planning Commission, where I served for seven years (1997-2005). During that time, the City reviewed and approved the 2000 Comprehensive City Master Plan; the first Bike Master Plan; the King Farm, Fallsgrove and Town Center developments. I know and see the importance of individual and community involvement and how it can benefit the welfare of the whole city. My decisions on the RPC were always based on keeping a balanced approach for all sides and with respect for the property rights of both individuals and businesses.


I look forward to the opportunity of putting my 40 plus years of experience to work in taking Rockville forward and making it a better community for all residents. I really care about our community, how decisions are made, how the city is run and how our tax dollars are spent.


I look forward to winning your support and to being elected this year, as your independent voice on Rockville City Council. Please vote for Brigitta Mullican. For more information visit www.mullican4council.com or contact me at brigitta@mullican4council.com.